The Top Reasons To Get Rhinoplasty

There are many reasons to have Nose jobRhinoplasty in KC, and as long as you have a acceptable reason for doing so, this really is a surgery that can have a huge good impact on your life.Rhinoplasty that is commonly known as the nose job, is a beauty procedure that is used to enhance the shape and overall look of a person’s nose.The Rhinoplasty procedures which are done nowadays are a lot more innovative treatments than they used to be, and the hazards are very low.As long as you’ve got a certified surgeon and medical team you will be happy about the final results.So just what are the primary reasons for getting Rhinoplasty surgical procedures?

1.You like to transform your overall look.Perhaps you just aren’t happy with the nose that your mom and dad gave you.There’s no humiliation in recognizing that, and the reality is that life is quite short to be unsatisfied with the way that you look.Perhaps your nose area is a small to big for your face, or you just can’t stand the general shape of it.No matter what your reason for planning to improve your appearance Nose job can help.Ensure that you consider the outcomes you prefer, and be sure that you select a medical expert that you are confident with and the person that you rely on.Then go for it and chances are you’ll be thrilled that you simply did.

2.Usually the patient will proceed through Rhinoplasty surgical treatment for a medical purpose that has nothing to do with anything associated with their cosmetic appearance.If you have ever cracked your nose area, or have a natural deformation in it, then Rhinoplastly is usually a way to your condition.

Dealing with a deviated septum might cause you soreness and it will make it more difficult for you to breathe in than it needs to be.So if you are suffering then you need to strongly consider speaking with a surgeon to help you to fix your nose area so you’re able to feel your very best.

3.The final reason to get Nose job worked is if your nose is damaged in an accident.Life is chaotic and often harmful and there are a variety of ways that you can harm your nose area and get a problem.The good news is that cosmetic surgery can often provide help to endure these types of injuries so you can feel and look like your self once again.After a major accident that has harmed your nose area it’s normal to feel a lot of anxiety because you’re worried that your looks have been entirely transformed in a horrible way.But a skilled plastic surgeon can often restore most of the harm so that the impact upon your appearance is very little at most.

If you’re planning on Rhinoplasty in KC then you need to realize that there are a lot of reasons that people choose to have this surgical procedure.A few people just don’t like the way in which their nose looks.A number of people have had a previous injury that affects their own health.The final reason why people today choose to have Rhinoplasty surgical treatment is because their own nose area has been broken in some form of accident.If you are looking for rhinoplasty, and are afraid, you are secured because the procedure at present is very routine and mainly harmless.

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard about Fitness

Don’t Lift Heavy Weights

Weight training is an essential component to any fitness routine for overall health, including weight loss. It is true that cardio workouts can burn more calories per minute than weight training; however, it is weight training that allows the body to continue to burn calories after your workout. In fact, the body continues to burn significant calories for an hour after the workout and experiences a ten percent boost in metabolism for three days after! Women are the main targets for this terrible advice because we associate weight lifting with muscle gain.   Yet, women don’t have the same hormones that men have that allow for quick gains in muscle mass. This means that women can incorporate weight training into their fitness routine to create a leaned, toned body that is a calorie burning machine. Your aesthetic isn’t the only benefit to a weight training routine. The numerous health benefits include:

  • Increased bone density which fights osteoporosis
  • Improvement in everyday activities
  • Lowered risk of diabetes
  • Improved balance
  • Back pain prevention

Do More Cardio for Weight Loss

I feel amazing after a good run and sometimes crave some time on the treadmill just to clear my head. The endorphin boost is a lovely benefit, but more importantly, cardio activity is proven to be essential to our heart health. The benefits of cardio are undeniable. But that doesn’t mean that we need to log hours on the treadmill to achieve our weight loss goals. Plus, that’s no way to create a sustainable fitness routine as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The best fitness routine for weight loss and overall health is a combination of both cardio and weight training paired, of course, with healthy eating.

If you are pressed for time or looking for ways to mix up your cardio routine, consider incorporating cardio into your weight training by moving quickly from one exercise to the next, adding high intensity movements (jumping jacks, squat jumps, burpees) between lifting sets or creating your own timed metabolic lifting circuit.


Do More Ab Exercises to Get That Six-Pack

Strength training for your core is a great addition to your fitness routine to prevent back pain and to improve stability and, sure, to build up your abdominal muscles. A six-pack isn’t necessarily a sign of great health, though; it’s usually a sign of a very low body fat percentage. Some people naturally have a very small amount of body fat. Others, like professional athletes, have trouble gaining fat because of extreme amounts of physical activity. Instead of obsessing over crunches, focus on eating natural, unprocessed foods and create a fitness routine that combines both strength training and cardio to aid in fat loss, eventually unveiling the abs of steel you’ve got hiding underneath there. And just remember that if it turns out you aren’t one of those people with a sustainable four percent body fat, a six-pack isn’t indicative of your overall health, and that’s what is most important here.


Working Out in the Morning is Best

There is no proven benefit to working out at one time of day over another. Did you wake up early to start your day with a workout? My goodness, you’re amazing. Did you get to the gym after work instead of cuddling up to Netflix (or before cuddling up to Netflix)? Heck yes, good job. Are you regularly incorporating fitness into your life as a part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle? Well then, you’re doing it right. If you haven’t already decided what works best for you, consider the benefits of each:

Morning Workouts:

  • Wake up your metabolism and continue to burn calories throughout the day
  • Check a major activity off of your to-do list early
  • Eliminates excuses that could pop up or get in the way later in the day

Afternoon/Evening Workouts:

  • Your body is already fueled which could mean more energy and a longer workout
  • You’re less likely to cut your workout short to get on with your other commitments
  • You’re already awake and alert which could result in a more effective workout

How To Stay Mentally Alert While Boxing

1. Mental Easiness

The more panicky you’re, the more tired you along with the more energy you waste will feel. Fear frequently casts a large shadows on little stresses. I do not know how to set this goes: LEARN TO RELAX during an ass-beating.

Relax! Block that which you can, but relax when you get hit. Breathe, don’t panic. Keep your mind calm and count down the seconds in case you need. * You enjoy the fight, can relax, and learn something. Or you get even more exhausted can panic, and make the beating seem longer than it truly is. It is up to you.


It’s difficult to stay emotionally relaxed in boxing due to its physical and adrenaline-pumping nature. But nevertheless it is possible. Mental relaxation must do with self respect. You have admit it to yourself and to know your degree and to stay within your limits. Push on yourself but be not unreasonable. Don’t get into sparring situations that are ugly that you clearly can’t handle. Being 100% terrified and worried for your security is not the method to train. And it’s definitely not the way the professionals train!

Being able to relax in stressful environments lets you make intelligent choices and benefit more out of the situation. Slow down in order to consume everything and look around. You will end up making yourself stop and this approach will show in everything that you just do if you are constantly pushing yourself over the limit. You are your own worst enemy. It’s a good lesson you could apply to life, actually.

By placing things, the mind will be relaxed. Let your anticipations then although inspire you accept yourself. Be the best that you can and you are here to learn. Nobody is perfect!

Try to relish the fight, because anything becomes tiring in the event you do not enjoy it.

2. Disposition

At some stage, becoming tired has to do with all how you believe. And a lot of fighters get tired readily since they have to fighting the incorrect approach.

They are always thinking,

When a much better option should be to think,

“These will be the things I would like regarding the energy I’ve.”

Instead of telling yourself that you just possess a restricted quantity of energy and consistently being energy conscious, try focusing on being more powerful with that energy. It is not a bad idea to throw less clouts and jump about less but you should look beyond that.

Ask yourself:

  • How do I do the most harm to my competition?
  • How do I make my punches more effective?
  • What’s the most easy means to avert my opponent’s punches?

You ought to be trying to do MORE, while using less energy. Again, the goal is to do more. By using your energy efficiently, you will be PREVENTED from receiving tired. Every movement you make will be more effective. The fight WILL PROBABLY BE SIMPLER. The energy you utilize will drain your opponent’s energy even quicker.

But if all you are able to think about is conserving your energy and attempting not to get exhausted, that is precisely what is likely to happen. You will feel like your adversary keeps draining your energy and there’s nothing you can do in order to stop it. The energy decline can be slowed down by a great defense but you will still get exhausted due to your mindset.

Easy Exercises you are able to do in your House

Why you’re scanning this post it is quite easy. You need to know about a few powerful exercises you could do within the comfort of your house. You need to keep it conquering just as much as possible.

Exercising is usually something quite difficult to enter. All of us understand that people want more of it. Yet, in regards to really doing it we devise a variety of reasons to not do it. Maybe, it will not be too convenient do it outside or to join a health club in your area. Those reasons are totally good.

You’ll find a lot of people that consider this to be able to keep a healthier life; do some radical change in your lifetime or you should join a gym. That just isn’t false.

By doing that amount of exercise, you will be given optimum outcomes.

It is advocated that you just do as much of the exercises just as much as possible. (Together with the exclusion of deep breathing) Attempt to push your limits. This can boost well-being and the human body

Here are five forms of exercise that you just readily do in your house:

— Jumping jack or bound: Jumping jacks is an excellent method to get your heartbeat up. This is going to make lots of calories burns. They can actually get you sweat a great deal in just a short while and can be quiet in case you would like it to be.
— Pushups: Pushups lets you develop your upper body strength. This can be exactly why such heavy items can be picked up by some folks. That is because of the upper body strength. Check Google out to see exactly what the appropriate place is for pushups.
This approach to exercise lets you assemble your abdominals. Do it and you will get the ideal 6-pack abs on obsessing about that everyone keeps. Check Google out to see what the place that is right you could implement for the curl ups.

— Running: If you’re able to attempt running about your home. This can be the most effective kind exercise for the heart. It’s going to work a variety of muscles in your body. Do this enough and you will possess a slim body.
Doing this exercise all requires one to obtain additional oxygen. Furthermore, you are assisted by respiration exercises with relaxation and disposition. It is an effective means to manage pressure and it supplements along with your exercise. Do some actually profound breathes for a few minutes daily.

Keeping up your heartbeat is not unimportant. It is the principal manner of the manner in which more energy burn off off the human body. This enables one to slim down and also have a more healthy life.

Doing exercise does not have to be difficult at all. Execute these simple exercises at home and you will be on the road to having a more healthy life.

5 Fitness Blog You Don’t Want To Miss 2015

Anyone–even a dog–can write a blog. Which maybe explains why there are really so many out there, all tempting us to procrastinate on the job. But it is hard to know which sites are actually trustworthy, entertaining, insightful, and/or offer the finest (healthy) food porn.

We all know your time is valuable, so we scoured the blogosphere for you yourself to narrow it down to these 5 standouts and went. They’re keeping it real (no instant six pack abs, you know?), using science to back up their claims, always staying positive and inspiring, and delivering content we can’t stop reading and sharing ourselves.

We then checked out their frequency of opinions, posts and engagement with amount of social media followers, readers, and design quality to narrow down the list to these rock stars.

Anyone–even a dog–can write a web log. Which perhaps explains why there are so many out there tempting us to procrastinate on the job. But it’s difficult to understand which sites are truly trustworthy, entertaining, informative, and provide the finest (healthy) food porn.

We then checked out their frequency of comments, posts and engagement with readers, amount of the latest social media followers, and layout quality to narrow down the list .

Note: Sites are arranged in no special sequence. The first entry in a section is no better in relation to the last entry.


1. Born Fitness

Adam Bornstein delivers a no-bullsh*t strategy to exercise and nutrition on Born Fitness with posts examining issues ranging from which meal plan is healthiest to why work outs shouldn’t be to judging others by their looks deplorable. No matter your level of fitness, his words fuel your system right will make you stop and think in addition to providing the tools you must power up your workouts, and feel.

2. Girls Gone Strong

Spend just a few minutes on the self-declared “women’s fitness authority,” and you will see why the description is totally appropriate. No three-pound dumbbells here–Girls Gone Strong characteristics work out tips for girls who are into strength training that is legit. Whether your goal will be to lose fat, gain muscle, or simply reinvigorate your fitness routine, you will find all of the advice, encouragement, and support you need here. We also love reading the profiles of kick-butt women who are killing it in their athletic efforts–like an inspiring triathlete or a personal trainer-slash-naturopathic-doctor.

3. Eat, Lift, and Be Joyful

Personal trainer, Blogger, and all around badass Neghar Fonooni serves up equal parts nutrition and fitness tips and positive, empowering thoughts on self-love and self acceptance on Eat, Lift, and Be Happy. While she doesn’t post as often as we’d like, when she does, it’s always a great work out or advice on loving your body that you can’t help but share with all your buddies (or “buddies”).

4. Lift Just Like a Girl

Nowadays, we want to think that doing anything “like a girl” is not even close to an abuse. On Lift As a Woman, she empowers girls of sizes and from all backgrounds to begin strength training with in depth, in-depth posts on topics like lifting (genuinely) colossi, reasons why all girls should strength train, and techniques for failing through tablelands.

5. Nerd Fitness

What do The Lord of the Rings and The Matrix have to do with weight loss and exercise science? Nerd Fitness can let you know! The comic book-esque layout and pictures of superheroes will draw you in, but blogger Steve Kamb’s down-to-earth takes on topics like building muscle (not volume), attempting brighter (rather than attempting harder), and placing fitness first will keep you there. Whether you are actually into gaming or you do not know the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars, this site delivers practical knowledge about nutrition and exercise to help you go from beginner to advanced in no time.

Fast Food That is Edible & Healthy?

I had been thinking during a recent week of traveling of those Taco Bell stops. I had ascertained, as a means of avoiding the pitfalls of airport food, to be vegan for the length of the excursion. This isn’t difficult. By the time that I got at Dallas/Fort Worth to Terminal C, I could not tolerate another Veggie Delite from Subway, a bad chopped salad on poor bread. So I wandered up to the Taco Bell Express and asked the cashier if I really could get a bean burrito without cheese or sour cream. He pointed out a corner on the overhead display where the “fresco” menu offered pico de gallo in place of dairy, then upsold me on a multilayered “fresco” bean burrito for about 3 bucks. The customers to my right, as he was discussing and left, both fit, suit-wearing individuals bearing manifestations of resignation and hunger, perked up. They were not conscious of the fresco menu. It wasn’t good, either.

We’ve gone in the whistleblowing period to the higher-anticipations stage, and a few of the expectations are being met. In-N-Out Burger has demonstrated that you do not have to underpay your workers to be lucrative. There are dozens of plant-based alternatives with more on the way; increasingly, they are pretty good.

The fulfillment of the expectations has led to higher ones. My expertise in the airport just confirmed what I Had been hearing from analysts in the fast food sector for decades. After the success of businesses like Whole Foods, and healthful (or theoretically beneficial) brands like Annie’s and Kashi, there’s now a market for a fast-food chain that’s not just healthy itself, but vegetarian-friendly, sustainable as well as humane. And, this being fast food: cheap. “It is vital, and that I do consider it’s coming from consumer desire to have choices and more equilibrium,” says Andy Barish, a restaurant analyst at Jefferies LLC, the investment bank. “And it is not just the coasts anymore.”

I’m not talking about token gestures, like McDonald’s fruitandyogurt parfait, whose calories tend to be more than 50 percent sugar. And I do not anticipate the prices to match those of Taco Bell or McDonald’s, where economies of scale and inexpensive ingredients make meals dirt cheap. It’s a spot where something like a black bean burger stacked with vegetables and baked sweet potato fries — and, hell, maybe even a vegan shake — is less than 10 dollars and 800 calories (and way fewer without the shake). If I possibly could purchase and eat that in 15 minutes, I’d be joyful, and that I believe a lot of others would be, also. My recipes can try to get a quick, low-calorie burger, french fries and shake.

In the last few years, the fast-food industry has begun to heed these new demands. Billions of dollars have been invested in more healthful fast-food options, and these costs are justified by the financial incentives. About half of all of the cash spent on food in the United States is for meals eaten outside your home. And last year McDonald’s made $5.5 billion in profits on $88 billion in sales. If a healthy alternative that has been in a position to gain just a single percentage of the market share was offered by a competition, it might make $55 million. The best rookie of the past generation, chipotle, has surpassed that 1 percent handily. Revenues approached $3 billion last year. Over precisely the same period in the past year, they grew by 17 percent in the fourth quarter.

Amounts are tricky to pin down for more healthy options since the fast food industry doesn’t yet have a class for “healthful.” The industry refers to McDonald’s and Burger King as “swift-serve restaurants”; Chipotle is “fast casual”; and eateries where you order at the counter and also the food is brought to you happen to be occasionally called “premium fast casual.” Restaurants from these various sectors regularly refuse these differentiations, but QSR, an industry trade magazine — “Limited Service, Unlimited Possibilities” — spends a great deal of space dissecting them.

However, after decades of eating the things, I ‘ve my own. First, there are those places that serve rubbish, regardless of what type of veneer they present. This can be the Nouveau Crap sector.

Chipotle combines the most effective facets of Nouveau Junk to develop a brand new class that people might call Improved Fast Food. At Chipotle, the food is fresher and tastes much much better than conventional fast food. Cooking, production and the sourcing is usually of an increased level; along with the overall experience is more enjoyable. The guacamole actually is made on premises, and the chicken (nevertheless tasteless) is cooked before your eyes. Those burritos can pack on the calories, although it is fairly easy to eat vegan there. It is not shabby for assembly line steam-table food that is Mexican. (It is.)3432812807_3c77c912db_o

Chipotle no more stands alone in the Improved Fast Food world: Chop’t, Maoz, Freshii, Zoes Kitchen and several others all have their strong points. And — like Chipotle — they all have their limits, beginning with calories and fat. By offering fried chicken and fried onions in addition to organic tofu, Chop’t, a salad chain in Ny and Washington, tempts customers to turn what might happen to be a healthful meal right into a calorie bomb (to say nothing of the tasteless dressing), and often increases the cost to $12 or more. The Netherlands-based Maoz isn’t good, but it’s not as good as the mom-and-pop stores and falafel trucks that are all over Manhattan. There are hardly any choices, nothing is cooked to order, the pita is a sponge and there is a sloppy -yourself setup which makes a $10 meal look like a small rip-off.

Despite its flaws, Improved Fast Food is the transitional measure to a brand new kind of fast-food restaurant whose practices should be closer to sustainable and whose meals must be great and pretty beneficial -tasting and inexpensive. (Maybe not McDonald’s-affordable, but under $10.) This new type will be, or is, Good Fast Food, and there already are several emerging contenders.

Veggie Grill is a six-year-old Los Angeles-based chain with 18 places. Technically, it falls into the “premium fast casual” category. The restaurants are cheerfully designed and nicely lighted and offer limited service. Though you might not know it at first the food is only vegan.

Kevin Boylan and T. K. Pillan, the chain’s founders, are vegans themselves. They frequently refer to their own food as “recognizable” and “American,” but that is debatable. The “chickin” in the “Santa Fe Crispy Chickin” sandwich is Gardein, a soy-based product that’s become the default for fast food operators trying to find meat substitutes. Although there are better products in the pipeline, Gardein, particularly when fried, tastes more or less like a McNugget (which isn’t entirely “real” chicken itself). The “cheese” is Daiya, which is tapioca-based and similar in flavor to your pasteurized processed American cheese. The “steak,” “carne asada,” “crab cake” (my favorite) and “hamburger” are also soy, in combination with wheat and pea protein. In terms of environmental damage, animal welfare and resource usage, these items are enormous steps in the right path. They save land, water, energy and animals.

Boylan desired to make clear to me that his chain is not about haute cuisine. “We are not doing sauteed tempeh with a peach reduction da-da-da,” he said. “That can be a terrific menu item, but most people do not know what it is. When we say ‘cheeseburger’ — or ‘fried chickin’ with mashed potatoes with gravy and steamed kale — everyone understands what we’re talking about.” He’s likely correct, and the vegetables are very good, too. The mashed potatoes are cut with 40 percent cauliflower; also you can get your entree on a bed of kale instead of a bun and the gravy is made from porcini mushrooms.
After I first entered a Veggie Grill, I anticipated a room full of skeletal vegans -ness. At locations in Hollywood, El Segundo and Westwood, the lines could have been everywhere, even an airport Taco Bell. The diners certainly looked like omnivores, that they largely are, and seemed combined by class and weight. The company’s research shows that about 70 percent of its customers eat fish or meat, a fact that seems both reflected in its menu and its immediate success. Veggie Grill won finest American restaurant in the 2012 Los Angeles Times readers’ survey, and sales are up 16 percent in existing shops compared with last year. The program is to double those 18 locations every 18 months for the foreseeable future — “quickly enough to stay ahead of rivals, although not too fast as to lose our cultural DNA,” Boylan said. In 2011, the creators brought in a new C.E.O., Greg Dollarhyde, who helped Baja Fresh become a national chain before its sale to Wendy’s for almost $300 million.

Veggie Grill is being underwritten partially by Brentwood Associates, a small-scale private-equity firm that is invested in various consumer companies Kitchen, a chain that provides kebabs, braised beans and roasted vegetables. “For a firm like us to join up using a concept like Veggie Grill, we need to believe it is a lucrative business model, and we do,” Brentwood’s managing director, Rahul Aggarwal, told me. “Ten years past I would’ve said no vegan restaurant will be successful, but individuals are searching for different methods to eat and this really is a fantastic concept.”

I admire Veggie Grill, but while making “chickin” from soy is not any crime, it’s still far from real food. I possess a long-running debate with dedicated vegan buddies, who say that Americans aren’t ready for rice and beans, or chickpea-and-spinach stew, and that places like Veggie Grill offer a transition to creature-and-environment- more friendly food. On a single level, I concur. Why feed the grain to tortured animals to produce bad meat when you’re able to process the grain and produce it into “meat”? On another level, the aim must be fast food that’s real food, too.


Athlete Health Report: Foods to avoid for high cholesterol

We love to offer free resources to stay healthy and live a more healthier lifestyle. A diet rich in saturated fats and Trans fats increases bad (HDL) cholesterol levels in the blood and puts you at a high risk for High Blood Pressure, heart disease and other chronic ailments according to the American Heart Association and other medical professionals. However, research indicates that cutting down on foods rich in saturated fats and Trans fats, and replacing them with everyday foods low in fat can improve your cholesterol levels.

healthy foods

Unhealthy Foods that increase HDL cholesterol

It is advisable to avoid or limit the following foods:


Cheeseburgers contain anything between 85 mg and 175 mg of cholesterol. If you want a burger it’s a good idea to order a plain one.

healthy food for athletesIce cream

Ice cream is stable in 90% of the American homes and beats brownies and cookies as America’s most popular frozen dessert. Ice cream is a food to avoid as it has more cholesterol than 10 glazed doughnuts and more fat than a hamburger! Use a cup of fresh fruit for dessert instead.

Rid Eye steak

A 4-ounce rib eye steak supplies over 20% of the allowable saturated fat and over 22% of cholesterol for a normal healthy person. If you already have high cholesterol related issues this is an unacceptable choice. If you want to enjoy beef, choose lean cuts of meat like flank, round, rump or tip steak.

Foods and snacks prepared using hard margarine and hydrogenated vegetable oils.

This includes most commercially baked foods and fried foods such as cookies, crisps, French fries, onion rings, cakes, quick bread, hamburgers, tacos, croissants, and crackers. Hard margarine and hydrogenated oils are loaded with Trans fats and can turn a healthy food into a high cholesterol food. Whether stuffed, fried, au gratin or crispy many of the foods people like to eat are bad for cholesterol levels.

Processed meat

This includes corned beef, ground meat, hot dogs, sausage, bacon, pastrami and bologna. These foods are loaded with cholesterol, saturated fats, Tran’s fats and sodium.

Macaroni and cheese

The normal ingredients of this all American comfort recipe are whole milk, butter and cheese, all rich in saturated fats and cholesterol. If you want to enjoy this food, use fat free or low fat milk (milk with less than 1% fat) and low fat cheese. This will decrease the calories and your can enjoy your macaroni and cheese with less than half the cholesterol and fat in the traditional recipe.


Avoid those tempting muffins loaded with extra ingredients that can be baked at home or bought at the store; a single serving can load you with 8 grams of fat. Go for low fat bran muffin made with whole wheat flour or get an English muffin with no cholesterol and no saturated.Athleteshealthy

Chicken and sea foods can be high cholesterol foods!

Although chicken and sea foods are normally considered good low fat choices, how they are cooked can make a big difference. Lobster is a bad choice if you have high cholesterol or heart disease. Lobster contains 61 mg cholesterol before it is dipped into butter. If you enjoy sea food go for broiled and avoid fried. As for chicken, keeping the skin on it or frying it can turn it into a high cholesterol food. A chicken leg with skin on it has more saturated fat than a hamburger or a cup of ice cream. Dark poultry meat also has more saturated fat than white meat. Choose skinless white chicken.

The American Heart Association and medical professionals advice against a diet rich in saturated fats and Trans fats because these increase bad (HDL) cholesterol levels in the blood and put you at a high risk for High Blood Pressure, heart disease and other chronic ailments. For more healthy living tips contact us today!